Lake Michigan

It was 102° in Chicago today, without even considering the heat index, so I'm a little amazed that Erica and I even left the house at all. But we made it down to Ohio Street Beach and went for a swim in Lake Michigan. This was the first time in all of our open-water swimming that we'd gone into Lake Michigan without a wetsuit. A wetsuit would have been tremendious overkill as the lake was about the temperature of a lukewarm bath. Ha! I went to see what Open Water Chicago said the lake temperature was and that's the title of his post from Saturday: Bathwater. It was 78° that day and I'm sure it was at least that today -- occasional pockets of colder water came as a relief. I swam a mile and it felt great. I need to add another half-mile onto that to be ready for the Triple at the Chicago Triathlon, but I'm feeling good about the South Shore Tri coming up here in a few weeks.