Shamrock Shuffle

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Robot shoes say I ran 5.19 mi on 3/21/2010 at 8:59 AM with a pace of 10'29"/mi.

This morning I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8K — it's the first big race of the Chicago season, with a field of 36,000 (25,562 actually showed up/finished this morning). It was my first time running this one, but I think it's sort of traditional that the weather looked nice for a week or so and then cooled down and got snowy & rainy just in time for the race. But everything cleared up at the last second; the pavement was wet but we didn't get rained on and it wasn't too cold (especially, of course, once we started and I was in motion).

I had planned to be up to 5 miles before the race, but had only done up to 4 miles this week. Now I've got 10 weeks to get up to 10 miles for the Soldier Field 10. I'm usually a minimum-efforter, but the plan, I'll lock myself into publicly, is to add a mile a week and be running doing long runs of 10 miles for several weeks leading up to the race. The SF10 finishes inside Soldier Field and I want to run to the finish line.

The results page has been hammered all day, but here finally are my official results. (The Nike+ numbers above include the literal shuffle to the starting line.) (Oh, and I'm now in a new age bracket. Hell-ooo early forties.)

Time: 50:59:00
Pace: 10:15
Overall place: 14872 / 25560
Place in sex: 8483 / 11514
Place in division (M, 40-44): 1039 / 1453