Small Running Update

Since the 70%-Marathon I haven't run at all - I've set the alarm for running-time a couple of mornings and then snooze-buttoned my way through it. It's really interesting what a difference the structure of training and goal of the race make. Right now running is in the "I really should for my own general benefit and long term success" category and that means that, like flossing, it just doesn't happen.

Also, I was really happy that I'd made it through the whole training process and nearly-marathon without any of the crazy side-effects you hear about -- bleeding nipples and so on. Well, it turns out I actually did lose a toenail, it was just hanging on by a sliver and I didn't notice until I sat on my foot funny on the couch. Neato. Doesn't hurt at all, it just... fell off. I'll spare you pictures.