Terrapin 5K 2013

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Terrapin Beardies

Last year at the Terrapin 5K, Erica wore a grey beard and wig and made a Ratdog t-shirt and ran as Bob Weir. I mean, of course everyone said “hey, Jerry” but them’s the breaks. This year, Erica decided to wear less of a costume except for the beard and wig and just run as a bearded lady. She was, again, the belle of the run. I carried her inflatable guitar from last year and ran with her the whole way. We usually separate in runs, but I wanted to keep a moderate pace (this was yet again a run sandwiched between Iron Man training—a two hour bike ride that morning and a scheduled 3 hour run the next day) and I figured our looks would have more impact if we were together. I think the run was a success on both accounts.

After the run we met up with our buddy Zach and his friend Natalie for the post-race meal and beer and bands. The beer tent situation was a little rough—I ended up waiting in line for over 30 minutes for beers for Erica and I. But the meal (served on a frisbee) was good and the band was delightful.

Official results:
Time: 38:17
Pace: 12:21
Place: 2173 / 2477
Place in sex: 944 / 998
Place in Age Group (M40-44): 119 / 128