After the NP30K show, Dan Izzo, who's the new producer of The Sickest F***in' Stories I Ever Heard, said he was feeling ill and asked Shaun if he could deal the game that night. Shaun was running the marathon on Sunday morning (he finished, btw) so I poked my executive-producer head in and took over.

Usually the line-up at SFSIEH is a mix of unrelated people, but this month we the cast of WNEP's current main-stage show, Let There Be Light. The show was, I can humbly say, delightful. I had come with a couple stories in my back pocket (figuratively) but in the end I just kept the poker game going, chewed on my Strawberry-flavored Swisher Sweet, and kept out of the way of the sick, sick stories that the boys were throwing around.