The problem

Guest Kitty

The problem is that this cat is too cute. She's one of the Mississippi cats, brought up from Erica's mom's place because she has a few too many cats at the moment. The three other cats have all gone to great homes -- Shannon has this little lady's momma cat.

The problem is that I've given her a name -- I'm not going to share it because that would make it real, but trust me, it's a clever name. And if I keep calling her this name and staring into those little kitty eyes, I'm going to want to keep her and then we'd have four cats. Four cats is too many cats for an apartment in Chicago.

The problem is that you haven't said you want to adopt her yet. Get on the stick, people! She's about a year old, fixed, has all her shots. She has a sweet disposition and likes being petted and scratched behind the ears, but she also seems to like just sitting and staring out the window.