Things are something, that's for sure

So this was a pretty weird day all told.

At work today, some nice folks* got laid off which made the mood weird, as it always does. But no time to mourn, because I was off to another job where I'm editing some video game footage into a trailer. The trailer will have a contest associated with it, which puts some odd constraints on the way I'm constructing it, but I'm really happy with the second cut I just finished and for which I'm waiting, even as I type, to render out. The necessity of using Avid for this trailer puts different constraints in differently odd places -- oh sweet Final Cut how I miss you -- but miss you I will not for long, because when I get home I need to cut together some Goof Gang footage that Steve has asked me for for, well, probably a secret and I may have said too much already. Oh, not really, it's just that nothing will come of it, as it always does, until that day when lightning does strike. And then I need to get some sleep, for tomorrow I Layer Tennis. Noon CST, kids. Append #lyt to your twitters to discuss my awesomeness.

* No offense to the fine ones who've gone before, nor the folks today for whom I lack linkage.