Hey, Erica and I are headed out on a vacation. A real, adult, no-shows-to-do, no-family-or-friend-obligations vacation! We're going to be in Hawaii for two weeks. So, things will be even quieter around here than they have been lately.

Normally, I'd be just a bit cautious about blogging that, you know, the whole "some super criminal is going to use your out-of-town Foursquare check-in and an accidentally geo-tagged photo from your house to come and rob you blind." But right now we have a vicious attack rabbit staying with us, so the house is even better protected than when we're at work all day.

Also, we've been enduring a low-grade, but steady, comment spam attack here on all the FuzzyCo Empire websites. So that we don't get overrun while we're gone, I'm going to switch all of our websites to require moderation, so any comments you leave won't appear until we're back.

See you in a fortnight!