Miss Mia at Chic-a-go-go
Miss Mia

Chic-a-go-go set
The Chic-a-go-go set

Sharkula at Chic-a-go-go

Erica and Fuzzy at Chic-a-go-go
Erica and Fuzzy

Erica and Miss Mia at Chic-a-go-go
Erica and Miss Mia

Wow, it's picture-central at FuzzyCo this weekend -- sorry if you're on dial-up or something.

Even though it will probably be the thing that pushs this weekend just over the edge into killing me, going to Chic-a-go-go was totally worth it.

Chic-a-go-go is a cable access show that's loosely modeled after Soul Train -- a couple of acts come on and lip-sync their own songs, and then dancers dance to a variety of dj'ed songs. The two big differences being that half of the dancers are kids under 10 and that one of the hosts is a rat puppet.

We taped two-and-a-half half-hour shows tonight, though it felt like were dancing for hours. I think my new fun home-game will be to watch Chic-a-go-go episodes and try and guess whether they were taped early or late in the evening -- by the last set, the kids were getting pretty tired (well, I was, too).

The performers tonight were a great mixed bag -- Sharkula, Aaron Ackerson, No More Lies (a band that came all the way from Spain just to be on Chic-a-go-go), and the cast of Lookingglass' The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World were all great.

You can catch me dancing in my orange cowboy hat on these Tuesdays at 8:30 pm and Wednesdays at 3:30 pm on CAN19:
June 15 & 16 (the show with "The Shaggs")
June 22 & 23 (with No More Lies)
June 29 & 30 (with Sharkula & Aaron Ackerson)