Funny Ha-Ha

John Green

Photography in any little rock venue is always difficult because the lighting is invariably terrible. But writers are a little easier to shoot than rockers because the former just stand there. So last night at Funny Ha-Ha 4-Ever I took a bunch of pictures of people just standing there. The reading was great, featuring Mark Bazer, James Finn Garner (Politically Correct Bedtime Stories), John Green (Looking for Alaska), Leonard Pierce, Schadenfreude, Claire "" Zulkey and short films by Steve Delahoyde
and Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life). If you're curious what these people all look like whilst standing around reading their funny writings, gaze upon this Flickr set.

For four different perspectives on the evening, Schadenfreude's Adam, Justin, Kate, and Stephen all separately posted about the reading.