Ghost Hunter Camera

"Ghost Hunter" photo

The last-last time Erica was in Mississippi, Tricia gave her a "Ghost Hunter" camera to bring back -- a disposable camera that automagically* inserts "ghosts" into your photos. We took it on two major photo expeditions -- we had it along when we were on the Rosehill Cemetery walking tour a few weeks ago and we went out last night and took a walk to look at the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood. On the latter trip, Erica and I would ask each other, "Do you know the legend of [the place we're standing in front of]? It's hauuuunttttedddd!" and then snap a photo.

I got the roll developed today and the ghosts aren't quite as cheesy as I thought they'd be. Many of them are actually old photos and they are rather eerie. I've posted the whole roll for your day-late-spooky pleasure.

* I'm assuming they pre-expose the film with the images. That makes the most sense, right?