Mike Doughty at the Vic

Mike and Andrew

The Doughty show on Thursday night was great from start to finish. The show opens early with an un-announced set from some mysterious gentlemen in beards who may or may not be called Piad are called Ron Blackmon. They did some adventurous improvisation--they weren't just jamming, they were exploring. The results, at least Thursday night, were musically interesting, but incredibly inspiring. It reminded me of the exhilaration I used to find in some of our improv theater experiments. I think I've been a little more focused lately on entertaining the audience -- which is, of course, not a bad thing at all. But I think it'd be good for me to try some more out-there stuff every now and then, again.

The Panderer's Scott Wynn possesses the ability to sound really, really enthusiastic and really mellow at the exact same time. I feel really dumb that I didn't pick up his album from the merch table. We're going to be in Austin the same time as the fellows next month, so hopefully I can pick one up then.

Photos from the show.