My girlfriend, the supermodel

United Here March

Last night I had a date with Erica to go to an art opening. I was running a little late (as usual) and a block away from the opening I ran into a union demonstration. Unions - yay. Four block detour - boo. There were these clumps of cops hanging around hospital in riot gear and I wanted to snap a few pictures, but lately I'm feeling a little nervous about taking such pictures.

Erica Reid and Victor Skrebneski

The show is in the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower and is called "On With the Show!" It features protraits by Victor Skrebneski and two other photographers (Tom Maday and Michael Voltattorni) of people who work in Chicago theaters. Erica is an Assistant Ticket Office Manager at the Goodman Theater and had been photographed by Skrebneski back in February for the show. She was nervous going in, because she had no idea how her shots had come out, which one they might use, and so on.

When I finally met up with Erica she was waiting down the block from the Water Tower. "Someone's already recognized me and said 'Nice photo'," she said. As we got to the door of the Water Tower, Skrebneski grabbed Erica and manouvered her inside. "I have a surprise for you," he said.

Erica Reid and Erica Reids

Nine Erica Reids, filling up an archway. Erica was blown away. She was, as someone remarked to her that night, "the Queen of the exhibit."

And the photos are (as I expected) great. He really captured Erica -- serious and beautiful for about 20 seconds, and then laughing her head off (and even more beautiful).

There were many other fine photographs, including ones of people I know from other theaters -- Alison Riley, General Manager at Second City, Vivienne Dipeolu, also from the Goodman, and Nick Sandys, Fight Director for the Lyric Opera (and others).

(Click on this picture for a pop-up enlargement)

After the reception, Erica and I headed over to Aria to try the tiny tinis (on Chicagoist's recommendation). We got one round of 5 tiny martinis each and it was the perfect classy drunken end to a great evening of Erica-rock-stardom.