R. Buzzy / The Ladies and Gentlemen

R. Buzzy - Paul

I've posted a set of photos of R. Buzzy and The Ladies and Gentlemen from their show last weekend at the Kinetic Playground.

The Kinetic Playground is a) very dark, even by rock club standards, so I was playing around with long exposures, and b) interesting, design-wise. That is, I'm given to understand that the Kinetic Playground is a revival of an old (60s and 70s-old) rock club (or at least of the name) where Led Zeppelin, the Who, Jimi Hendrix, and Frank Zappa all played. The design of the club's logo and the outside of the place reflects that sort of heritage -- all psychedelic and hippy-trippy.

Kinetic Playground

The inside, however, is all steel mesh and industrial and Ikea benches. I'm sure most people will be coming to see bands, but it's still odd -- someone who would be attracted to the design of the outside of the place would likely be put off by the coldness of the interior. And someone who was looking for a stylish club like the interior would like pass right by the hippy vibe given off by the exterior.

And anyone who actually wants to see the musicians in a band will be turned off by how freakin' dark the stage is! For reals.