So muches

Erica and Fuzzy in a photobooth

V. busy weekend, with many pictures. Saturday, I went to my Saturday comedy writing workshop group, to refine some material for my upcoming standup gig at the Blewtenanny. That evening, I did a show out at the Chicago Comedy Company Theater, which is in the process of becoming the Laugh Out Loud Theater. Got some shots for Display Your Butt (the classiest site that a site with that name could be).

Today, for the Easter, Erica and I took pictures of the cats and then went over to the Knights for Easter Egg decorating and NCAA basketball. So close, Dawgs, so close. Then off to Sheffield's for a viewing party of Rock of Love 2. On this week's episode, the remaining girls were confronted with their exes. Except for Ambre, who was confronted with her good friend Adam. The party tonight was a surprise party for Adam. It was great fun, but it was so noisy (many people had already watched the episode that morning) that we had to watch the episode again when we got home (yes, had to).