1633 is a sequel to, of all things, 1632 -- a sci-fi novel wherein an entire modern West Virginia town is transported back to 1632 Germany, right in the middle of the Thirty Years War. The first book was rather adventure-filled as the Americans attempted first to survive and then to bring something of democracy to 17th century Europe. This second book in the now-sprawling series is much more talky. The already complicated politics of the time are rendered even more complex by history books stolen from the Americans. The English king, for example, has Oliver Cromwell arrested before he's actually done anything, because the history books say he will lead a rebellion in the future. Characters spend pages and pages on info-dumps and speculation on the motives and plans of other factions. Really, I don't think I should like this book at all, and yet I kept reading and reading. FuzzyCo grade: B-.