Book #3: Anansi Boys

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My coworker Kyle had loaned me Anansi Boys, so I figured I should read it next to give it back. I mean, that and I've been wanting to read it since before it came out. I followed along on Neil Gaiman's journal as he wrote the book. It's set in the same world as American Gods, but is a much more lighthearted book.

When I got off the train late last night I was just at the part where (MILD SPOILERS) the killer has Fat Charlie and Daisy hostage in the nightclub and Spider has been staked out by the Bird Woman for Tiger to kill and the ghost is walking from Florida to St Andrews and Rosie and her mother are locked up in the meat locker and things are obviously coming to a head (and I'm not sure that sounds more lighthearted) and so I just had to stay up and read the last 50 pages. Whew.