I've come to Rosanne Cash all backwards. I'm a Johnny Cash fan, I mean how can you not be, but before a few months ago I don't even think I was aware that he had any musician children. Then @rosannecash started showing up in a lot of retweets from people I like alot on Twitter. I followed her on Twitter and found her to be a hilarious master of the short form (and prolific - she's up to 22,000 tweets in just over a year. I'm at 2,600 in four years). She mentioned a memoir she'd released this year, Composed, and so I got that out from the library. And stories there got me interested enough to finally track down some of her music, so that I was then at the place a normal Rosanne Cash fan was since the early 80s.

Composed is obviously the memoir of a song-writer: it's comprehensive without being exhaustive. That is to say, she covers her entire life, from earliest memories to her recent life, but through selective episodes rather than a incident-by-incident coverage of all the events of her life. And events and memories are sketched out in description and details. Even if her life wasn't interesting, which it is, it's interesting just to read the way she's written about it.

FuzzyCo grade: A-