I Shall Wear Midnight

Well, in contrast, I Shall Wear Midnight is the 38th Terry Pratchett book set in his Disc World (though just the fourth in the more-Young Adult-oriented Tiffany Aching series) and I'd happily recommend it to anyone who hadn't read any of the others. I mean, it probably makes most sense in the context of the others three Tiffany Aching books, about a teenage girl who has become the witch of the Chalk (a sort of English countryside of the Discworld). Here Tiffany has settled in to her role as a witch, but comes up against The Cunning Man, an ancient creature that stirs up anti-witch sentiment in people. As always, despite the fantastical settings, Pratchett is decidedly a humanist writer—writing about human foibles, human aspirations, and human failings.

FuzzyCo grade: A