Ready Player One

At a July 4 BBQ I was talking about the Ready Player One gaming contest (that mirrors, kinda, the one in the book) and all the other guys at the BBQ had read the book. So, yes, I think it's nerd-read of the year.

With that said, if you're reading this, I doubt I need to tell you about the book. I mean, you're a nerd, right? But if you are also already a Gunter, for jimminy's sake, friend me in Ultimate Collector - I'm going crazy trying to find the vehicles and it's all got to be easier with more friends to mooch off of, right?

Look who was #400 on the Leaderboard for Gate 1:


And hey, if you're new to the world of Ernie Cline, you should definitely go listen to Airwolf. Seriously.

FuzzyCo grade (for the book): A+