The Confessions of Peter Crossman / The Apocalypse Door

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The Confessions of Peter Crossman is a collection of three short stories about the titular Crossman, a hard-boiled detective type who happens to be a Knight Templar, one of 'thirty and three' warrior-priests of the secret Inner Circle of that already secret society. This is the sort of thing—noir plus magic—which, when done right, is totally my cup of tea. And this is done right. Crossman wisecracks and fights demons and fallen men with equal aplomb.

FuzzyCo grade: A

The Apocalypse Door is a full-length novel featuring Crossman and I'm sad to say that I think the character might be better suited to punchy short stories. In particular, there are periodic flashbacks that introduce us to a pre-conversion Crossman in his previous life as a spy and I'm not sure that that level of emotional depth and back story is needed nor works for a dark-and-mysterious character like Crossman.

FuzzyCo grade: B-