The Hunger Games

Here's sort of an anti-spoiler spoiler about The Hunger Games—I was waiting the whole book for signs of hope or resistance to the dystopian regime that forces two teenagers from each of it's subjugated Districts to fight to the death in the titular annual games. And it never came. Our hero, sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, [spoilers!] survives to the end of the book (yay) but without changing a thing about her society, and in fact spends the last few pages of the book conforming to expectations so as to avoid the danger she's created from the way she won the competition. A cunningly disguised message to our youth that the best you do is survive the system, so don't try and change a thing, or clever way of enticing you to read the later books in the trilogy so as to hopefully reduce the depressing feeling the end of this book leaves? The Chicago Public Library has a bit of a wait for the second book, so I can't tell you which it is, yet.

FuzzyCo grade: B