The Name of This Book Is a Secret

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I mean, if your sister interviews a famous anonymous author, the least you do is read the darn books, right? Especially if the first book in the series is just a 99¢ ebook. Well, that combo worked on me, anyway. The Name of This Book Is a Secret is the first book in the Secret series, about a pair of kids who get caught up in the ancient struggle between the Midnight Sun, a deranged group of alchemists bent on discovering the secret of immortality, and the Terces* Society, who know the secret and are determined to protect it and thwart the Midnight Sun.

I have to say that at first glance, there was a lot about the book that reminded me of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, especially the device of the narrator, himself involved in the action somehow, trying to warn you away from reading the book. But the Secret series is it's own thing and has it's own devices. For one, each of the books revolves around one of the five senses. This first book it's smell. Hmm... smelly.

Anyway, it's pretty good for the first book in a kids' book series that the author admits he made up as he went along.

FuzzyCo grade: B

* Secret spelled backwards. Get it?