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I am not in the target audience for Twilight, a fact I had to remind myself over and over as I read through the book. I came into the book with a lot of preconceptions, based on all the hype over the movie and so on, and in general my preconceptions were proven true. Why did I read the dang thing, then? As a sometimes comedian, I figured I should stay in touch with the zeitgeist. And heck, I ended up liking all 8000 pages of Harry Potter. Twilight is not a bad book, it's just not a book for me. I mean, the big, climactic vampire fight happens offstage, while the narrator has fainted from pain. I like kisses as much as the next guy, but in books I like vampire fights as much, if not more, than kisses. This book likes kisses more.

FuzzyCo grade: C