David O'Doherty - Giggle Me Timbers

I saw David O'Doherty do his show "World Champion of Some Things" at the Edinburgh Fringe back in 2004 and I was an instant fan. English (and Irish, I guess) comedy has a delightful space in-between what we would call "stand-up comedy" and "a one man show" and that's where David and his "Very Low Energy Musical Whimsey (VLEMW)" reside. So, anyway, I'd call myself a fan, but as I haven't been back to Edinburgh nor Ireland since 2004, I've had to content myself with memories of the show. Now, however, David has finally released an album, recorded in his flat in front of a few friends: Giggle Me Timbers (Jokes Ahoy!). There are some songs (the aforementioned VLEMW) and some jokes and remarkably little pirate material.

FuzzyCo Grade: A