Samarost/Samarost 2

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Samarost and Samarost 2 are beautiful little point-and-click Flash adventure games.

Samarost is free to play online. You're a cute little cartoon fellow hanging out on your little planetoid when you realize that another planetoid is going to crash into yours. You rocket over in your spaceship made from a beer can (the landscapes and objects are all a combination of cartoons and photographs of debris and junk) to try to deflect it. Some of the puzzles can get a little click-every-and-see-what-happens, but it looks and sounds so gorgeous, it's worth it.

Samarost 2 is a whole $5—it's available on Steam, but I'd buy it directly from the developers because then you get the soundtrack as well, which is well worth the whole price. The second game introduces the little cartoon guy's dog, which ups the cuteness level 200% (you have to rescue him from some naughty aliens).

FuzzyCo grade: A