Angry Birds

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The current model of some iPhone game development leads to another problem with my "review games only when I finish them" system. A significant number of iPhone developers release their games with a certain number of levels, and then as sales allow them to put money back into the game, they issue updates with even more levels. To this point, I've 'finished' Angry Birds [iTunes link] several times now. I think I'm currently caught up on the original version, but then they released the separate Halloween and Christmas themed Angry Birds Seasons [iTunes link] and I'm way behind on those levels.

Angry Birds, if you're not familiar with the smash hit, is a simple-in-theory physics game where you fling the titular birds at egg-stealing pigs, ensconced in rickety fortresses. Destroy all the pigs and you move on. Writing it out like that, it sounds kinda dumb, but it's terribly addictive, and just cute enough to be fun on top of the frustration.

FuzzyCo grade: A