Where's My Water?

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One of my rules for reviewing things here at FuzzyCo is that I only write up reviews for media I've finished. Now for books and movies, finished is pretty straight-forward. But for games it's not always so easy to decide. For example, for FPSes with both a single-player and multiplayer modes does it count as finished if I just play through the single-player campaign (for me, yes). And what about all the iOS games where the model is to release packs of levels at regular intervals? Angry Birds, for example, I'm sure I've completed all the levels from the very original release of the game, but at this point I'm at least 20 or 30 levels away from completing the whole game. All this musing is to say that I'm going to grab an opportunity where I am caught up on all the currently released levels for one of these sorts of puzzle games to say that I'm finished. And even when the next set of levels comes out, it'll only be a few hours until I'm caught up again—I get a little obsessive.

The game is Where's My Water? and it's in the broad category of physic-sy puzzle games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. The conceit of the game is that Swampy is an alligator who lives in the sewers, but he's a clean alligator and would like to take a shower. You have to dig channels in the dirt, open gates and valves and so on to get water from some reservoir into an intake valve for his bathtub to get him enough water to clean himself up.

It's from Disney and it's probably meant for kids, because I find it just challenging enough that I feel like a champ when I finish a level.

FuzzyCo grade: A+