Limbo is an Xbox Live Arcade downloadable game set in a misty, dreamy greyscale world, where the protagonist and his foes are only ever seen in silhouette. There's no musical soundtrack, but just the quiet noises of water dripping, chains creaking, giant spiders sticking their talons through your brain…

Limbo is a platformer and The Boy (your character) dies a lot* and it was, somehow, very affecting. In many video games, your character often dies, and often bloodily, but there was something about the quiet, understated way that The Boy is just disposed of by the Limbo environment that got me each and every time.

It's a fairly short game, but every section uses some completely new variation of game play, so there's a variety that keeps it lively. And the design is topnotch, all the way through.

FuzzyCo grade: A+

* Some games have Achievements like "complete the game without dying". Limbo has one that's "complete the game while only dying five times".