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Shamrock Shuffle 8K 2013

Erica and I (and you know, 39,998 other people) ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8K* this morning down in the Loop. It was an interesting exercise in determination, because my right knee started hurting after the first mile and usually that would be my cue to walk or slow down, but this morning I decided to just keep pushing it and see how I could do. I ran the next four miles in pain, but at a pretty good pace. So, that’s good to know, that I can do that if I need to.

Erica and I reviewed the race for the podcast.

Official Results: Time: 49:40 Pace: 10:00 Place: 17,734/33,219 Place in Sex: 9,741/13,988 Place in Division (M40-44): 1,238/1,810

*5 miles, more or less, for you metric-phobes.

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