(Sorry for the blank post -- I guess posting from my phone didn't go quite as well as I had hoped.)

So, I'm in Redmond, WA for the next three days. I spent the afternoon down in Seattle by Pike Place Market (what can I say -- I'm a tourist). There seems to be approximately nothing to do in Seattle tonight - at least judging by the Seattle Weekly and The Stranger (the two free weeklies in town). Oh wait, that's a little bit of a lie. There's a free "Stand-up Showcase (comedy)" at a Cafe. I saw that, weighed the pleasure-pain ratio from most free stand-up nights, and decided to head to my hotel and get a good night's sleep before my 7:30 am shuttle ride to this thingy* tomorrow.

I had an early dinner at the Pike Pub and Brewery -- a decent fish and chips and an excellent Pale Ale. What else should I eat in Seattle, those of you with knowledge of the same? I don't think I'm going to have a lot of free time, but Thursday night is still a grey area and I definitely have time for a breakfast adventure on Friday morning.

* I'm under NDA about the content of the thingy and I'm too lazy to check the NDA to see if I'm under NDA about what the thingy is at all. So, thingy.