"just moderately funny"

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Yvonne Zusel reviewed the Saturday night 9:30 show of the Phoenix Improv Festival for the Phoenix New Times. As the title of this post might suggest, I think Bare has a new pull quote...

When you think improv, typically you think Chicago, home to Second City and Improv Olympic and the training ground for comedians such as Tina Fey, Mike Meyers and Chris Farley. So again, I had high hopes for Windy City improv troupe Bare, a two-man group that ended up being just moderately funny. Profanity can be used to good effect in moderation, but too much of it signals laziness, and Bare relied on it just a little too much during their set. The best of the set? A throwaway bit with a wife asking her husband to take a picture of her next to a cactus. "It's Arizona," he answers exasperatedly. "There are cactuses everywhere."

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