Sketch show progress

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We're in another of those short periods where Shaun and I are both in town at the same time (he just got back from LA, I'm on my way to Mississippi tomorrow) so last night we had a meeting with Frankie and Michelle from Lavender Cabaret, who will be supplying the dancers for our sketch extravaganza. A productive meeting -- we kept asking for the moon and Michelle kept saying, "that should be doable."

We also made progress on costuming. When Shaun has played Elvis in the past (which has been fairly often) Shaun has had enough hair that he just does it up in a pompadour. But he shaved his head a few weeks ago, so he went out and found a terrrrible Elvis wig. I think it's gonna be high-larious.

I also met with our costumer-to-the-stars, Kittyloaf, who is using her Belmont Burlesque costume-accenting skills to decorate two leather jackets for us. (Thanks to The Alley for having cheap leather jackets. And to Shaun for re-buying one of his own jackets, because he thought he had lost it, because I had hung it up. In the coat closet. Cough.) Our design reference for these jackets is the Dice Rules jacket. Yowza. We'll see what Kittyloaf comes up with.

In more delegation, our musical mainstay Ben Taylor is off doodling with his beep and boops to make bumps for the various sketches in the show.

And I've sent out a short press release to some of our press contacts. The folks at Sketch Fest are doing a bang-up job (Shaun has already done a couple of phone interviews that they hooked up) but it never hurts to get your name out there. (And speaking of both that bang-up job and the getting out of names, congrats to Superpunk (guest stars in our show!) for being listed in Chicago Magazine as one of five groups to definitely catch at Sketch Fest.)