Looking Back: 2011 in Numbers

Who you calling obsessive, Willis?

In 2011 I did:

for a total of 17 shows. That's just two one more than the 15 that I remarked last year was probably an all-time low.

I also read 41 books, saw 69 movies, and played 8 video games all the way through.

I ran 208 miles and completed a half-dozen races, including the Tough Mudder and the Chicago Triathlon for the third time. I did not keep track of my biking or swimming distances very well this year.

I posted 823 photos on Flickr, posted 425 tweets, and made 232 blog posts here at FuzzyCo, 7 posts at Four Squirrels, and 93 at Push Butt.

Numbers from 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.