There's a daily comic called They'll Do It Every Time that's been around since 1929 and features Alanis Morissette-level "ironies" of everyday life. Like, some people don't see a tip jar, but do see a spot on their car or people notice dust who are themselves messy.

One of the charms/annoyances of the strip is its stuck-in-the-forties use of "slang". Like, that tip jar is a "kitty can". And the narrator says, "oh, yeah" a lot. Barb at Crap Every Day (who reads TDIET every day, bless her heart) noted today:

This strip almost riled me up to the point that I didn't notice that it's another "Living on the edge" entry. Almost. Ditto the horrifying looking cabbage (is that neon green?) and the "yum...yeah...yum-m." It's like these people have Tourette syndrome, and their tic is to say that word "yeah" a lot.

And that made me wonder, what if the characters in TDIET really do have Tourette's, or just swear a lot, and Scaduto is just cleaning it up for the newspaper. So I made an example, and it really does make the strip seem more enthusiastic.

(I've posted my example after the jump, because it has some swears...)