Why, thank you

We're a cocky bunch over at Blewt, but even we would never say that Second City (you know, founded in 1953, Chicago institution, gave the world half its famous comedians) could learn a "lesson" from Impress These Apes. But we're sure flattered that Nina Metz said so in her review of the new mainstage show at Second City for Newcity Stage.

Ultimately, though, there is something missing in the creative drive. … If “Impress These Apes” has shown us anything, it’s that funny people—given the right motivation and freedom to play—will generate unique and indelible material. Second City can’t accommodate the freeform structure of “Apes” (nor should it) but I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Second City has always had impeccable taste when it comes to hiring talent, but shows like this suggest there has to be a better way to take advantage of what these folks have to offer.