A Rare Political Moment Here at FuzzyCo

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I understand all the realpolitik reasons why Rep. Harris isn’t calling for a vote on marriage equality in the Illinois General Assembly. You don’t want to rush something like that if you don’t have all the votes and better safe than sorry with all those reps all worried about vindictive last-minute challengers in their home districts. I’m really proud that Greg Harris is my state representative and I’m proud of the work he’s been doing to shepherd this through the system. (Though, we’re District 13 and so soon SPOILERSPOILERHUNGERGAMES.)



New Jersey?

We let New Jersey beat us?

There’s still time to be the 16th state to have marriage equality. That’s respectable. We’d still be in the first third of the states to do so. But this train is rolling, this arc of history is bending towards justice and if we dawdle, we’re going to be number 37 or something. And somebody’s going to be last. We don’t want to be a 22nd Century Daily Show joke, people.