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I did, in fact, "remove this notice off from here," though I tried not to tear it (the letters in the lower corner said "77x7!" -- it was taped on pretty good). I guess I'll face the judge for it.

A weird thing is that this sign wasn't really close to any theaters. I took it off a utility box at the corner of Sheridan and Bryn Mawr. I guess the Actor's Workshop Theater is down the street on Bryn Mawr, but they're certainly not who comes to mind when I think of controversial theater. The other weird thing, for this kind of sign, is the lack of scriptural justification.

Huh, on a re-read, I realized, too, that this is really targeted at the office that hands out PPAs, so it should really be down in the Loop, to hit its target audience.

Oh, and it's loopy as a french horn.