Really. Good. Lunch.

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OK, so on the way to lunch I saw an ad on the side of a bus that promoted literacy and sexiness. But that's not what made lunch so great.

Pot Belly recently added "add bacon for 50¢" to their menu. (I have an entire rant about the superiority of simple menus like Pot Belly, Jimmy John's, and Chipotle to complicated "fancy" ones like Subway and Quiznos (Yes, I just called Subway fancy)). I've been getting bacon on my turkey sandwich for a couple weeks to make a club and it's been great. But today I went for it. I put bacon on a Wreck (Potbelly's one-of-each-meat sandwich). Extra meat on my meat, please. I was a vegetarian for ten years, you know. Wheee!

But it doesn't stop there. Right behind me in line was a Pot Belly employee and he ordered his sandwich and a chocolate and peanut butter shake. I didn't think that was one of the offered flavors. I looked back at the shake menu to make sure. Nope. Chocolate. Oreo. Banana. Etc. But no peanut butter and certainly no chocolate and peanut butter. I leaned back and asked the guy, "Did you just say chocolate and peanut butter?" "I sure did." "Well, then I want a chocolate and peanut butter shake, too."

I had already grabbed a Stewart's Key Lime soda from the cooler and I didn't put it back, because I could tell this was going to be a lunch of decadence.

The sandwich: good. Not earth shattering, because the Wreck is already so meaty that the bacon gets little lost.

The Stewart's: fine. A clean, refreshing taste, as always.

The shake: yuuummmmmmmm! Real peanut butter blended up in a chocolate shake. Choc and PB is one of my favorite sweet taste combinations. There were a couple of straw-clogs of peanut butter, but nothing disastrous. And I don't think I'd want it blended any finer -- I like a little peanut butter texture in the shake.

And I've got further taste sensations awiting me -- the C&PB ordering employee told me to come in some time when he was working behind the counter and ask for his "banana pudding" shake. As long as that isn't some urban slang I don't get, I can't wait.