Well, this has been an interesting week. The last thing I wanted to deal with the day of an opening night is a bunch of strangers yelling at me on the internets, but, well, we don't always get what we want. It turns out that our clever new show name was already in use in Chicago, as was pointed out by some of the other show's fans. Note to self: always google your clever new show names.

So we've been trading co-producer emails all week -- an early favorite for a name change turned out to be the name of a burlesque show in Detroit; bullet dodged there -- and we're proud to present the Lavender Cabaret/FuzzyCo co-producton -- SINema. I think I'll be using the subtitle Smutty Comedy and Comic Smut. Whee. Now I just have to order a new big poster from Kinko's and get it over to the Improv Kitchen...


Fridays at 11 pm, through Feb 24, 2006
The Improv Kitchen, 3419 N. Clark

FuzzyCo also encourages you to check out the completely unaffliated
Dirty Movie Night
The last Saturday of the month, resuming Feb 25
hosted by Odd Obsession, 1659 N Halsted