SINema cast

SINema Cast

Hey, it's the Channel 12 Action Eyewitness News Team! Oh, I mean, the cast of SINema!

We made some pretty big tweaks to the show between weeks 1 & 2, getting rid of the intermission, throwing out the "commercials", adding another short-form game, and sexing-up the whole show (replacing, for example, Cheerleader[s'] Beach Party with SuperVixens). I think we really took that half-step from pretty good to really good.

And hey, some people (well, one person - but if one is asking, ten are wondering) had asked what movies we're doing. The first week our feature was Cheerleader[s'] Beach Party (the name is different on the box cover and title sequence[1]) and we used scenes from Flesh Gordon and Trader Hornee for improv games. Week 2 our feature was the Russ Meyer classic SuperVixens and we added a 40s b&w short for games. I may tweak the short scenes for this week.

[1] I have a Kung Fu movie that has three completely different titles -- one on the box cover, one on the DVD menu, and a third in the title sequence of the movie.