Me, the Best Cat Ever

366 Cartoons - 058 - My Family, By Parker
A cartoon Parker drew back in 2009

We had to say good-bye to Parker today. Erica had Parker since she was a kitten (Parker was found in the Vicksburg Military Park, hence her name) and she became my cat too 10 years ago when Erica moved in and we blended our cat families. She was big and vocal and friendly and she mostly loved to sit on Erica’s lap, but every now and then I’d look down and there she’d be, nestled into my lap without me even realizing it. She wore costumes like a champ and was always up for a photo project with a minimum of fuss.

Parker says "Hang In There"

Parker in her new tie


Parker in jersey

Parker loooves the Cubs


Parker is all packed and ready to go

Parker, Bulldog

367 Days - Day 122