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David and his mom

Erica’s down in Mississippi this weekend, for her grandmother Norma’s funeral. For this and that reason, it didn’t make sense for me to go down as well, but it’s not for lack of connection with Norma. From the very first time I went down and met Erica’s extended family, they’ve treated me like one of the family and Norma exemplified that.

She even started sending me a very grandmotherly $20 on my birthday every year. Last year, the word came up in advance of the card that Norma had picked out a funny birthday card for me, but then had put it back because it was too racy. When my birthday card came with the $20 check, the card she had picked out instead made a joke about strippers. So, that was the kind of lady she was. Fun and funny, warm and sweet. I’ll miss her very much.