Fuck Cancer Bracelets, Mk4

Fuck Cancer Bracelets - Mk4, Main Colors

Fuck Cancer Bracelets - Mk4, Misc Colors

We'd nearly run out of Fuck Cancer bracelets, but we finally got two new batches in. We got a big batch of the Light Pink, Reflex Blue, and Dark Gray ones (it's very dark, but is still a gray, not black) in the normal size only. Answering Erica's long request, we also got some in slim sizes and we got a mix of small batches of some colors we wanted to try out: Orange, Red, Pearl Blue, Maroon, Black, Purple, Lavender, Metallic Gold, and a not-pictured Hunter Green.

An interesting part of dealing with the cheap bracelet manufacturers is that both of those are theoretically the same font and size -- even the larger size of that bottom batch has those same smaller letters (which I'm calling "subtler" on the order page).