Honey Bear

originally posted on Metroblogging Chicago

Berry + HoneyWell, it's cooled down (and by "cooled down" I mean to like 87°) (Oh, and about the heat -- Erica's mom called her from Mississippi today and was like, "it's 102° here" and Erica said, "yeah, it's 104° here" and her mom said, "no, it's in the 80s in Chicago" and Erica said, "mom, I'm in Chicago and it's over 100°" and her mom was like, "maybe with the heat index..." Why do we get no respect for our heat? Our heat kills people) to the point where I can think clearly enough to type. The only way I made it through the day was with liberal applications of Honey Bears.

The Honey Bear is a gift from our friends to the northwest. Half a glass of Leine's Honey Weiss and half of Leine's Berry Weiss. I'm not a fan of the Honey Weiss on its own, and the Berry Weiss is just a little too sweet (especially if you've been drinking lambics all winter) but together they're refreshing as all get out.

Leinenkugel will even sell you a special divided pitcher to make Honey Bears, but all you need is a couple of pint glasses. And a friend, because once you open those bottles, you've got enough to make two, and you might as well share.

Thanks, Wisconsin. (Can I pretend that I don't know that Miller owns Leine's now? I can? Cool.) (And Erica's mom called back later and admitted that she was wrong and that it was "104 !$@#ing degrees in Chicago today".)