OMG, House rocks!

originally posted on Metroblogging Chicago

We just came back from The House Theatre's Curse of the Crying Heart and it ROCKED!

Let's see, it had comedy and tragedy and epic action and martial arts and wire work and a rock band on stage (with the dreamy Kevin O'Donnell on drums) and it addresses fundamental questions of what it means to be a hero, and 500 Clown's Molly Brennan is in it (also dreamy) and did I mention the fights?

Curse is the second in a planned trilogy of plays called the Valentine Trilogy, but you won't miss out on a lot if you haven't seen the first play (San Valentino and the Melancholy Kid) as it's something of a thematic trilogy -- the first play was set in the Wild West, this one in feudal Japan, and the third play is set in Chicago of the 1930s. And when you do fall in love with this play and want to know more, they have DVDs of San Valentino for sale.

For more, you know, coherent reviews, the Sun-Times and the Tribune have both reviewed the show. And if you want a behind-the-scenes look, House has a new blog.