This Week in the FuzzyCo Web Empire

There are some good reasons (I hope) to spread our various projects around on their own websites, but this has been a busy enough week in our little world that I’d love to point you at some recent activity if you aren’t already subscribed to every FuzzyCo website in your Blog Reader of choice:

Four Squirrels: on our eating and drinking blog, Erica posted episode FORTY of her drinking-weird-stuff video series. This week, she and Jen are drinking some Phillips Lime Vodka that Shaun brought back from North Dakota. And I’ve started chronicling my attempt to eat lunch at every place within walking distance of my new workplace in the Chicago Loop. So far I’ve eaten at Fontano’s Subs, Al’s Beef, and Kramer’s Vegetarian Cafe.

Erica Reid: At this point, I think Erica’s readership is a lot bigger than mine, but in case you’re not among them, Erica’s had a huge week. The zombie burlesque show she’s spent months choreographing opened last weekend and there’s been a ton of press, with many specifically calling out her and her choreography for praise. She’s done a big round-up of the reviews.

Chicago Flag Tattoos: I’ve been collecting interviews for this site all summer, but I’ve finally launched the blog. And this week I added a new interview, with a vegetarian-restaurant-cook-and-actress: Caitlin.

The Unnamed, Mostly-Chicago Race Review Podcast: Shaun, Erica, and I have been doing an audio podcast reviewing the races we run. We made it to episode 9, so I set the podcast up for-reals, with its own sub-site here and made it so you can subscribe in iTunes. The most recent review is about the Crypt 5K, a 5K in a cemetery at night.

Push Butt: We continue to add entries to our sophomoric blog about transforming signs to say naughty words. We even get submissions from strangers, like the recent Peanus Crunch Sack.