BBQ Hash

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When Erica and I were on our honeymoon in Sante Fe, we had an incredible BBQ Brisket Hash at the Cowgirl BBQ. It has, well, let me quote the menu, "Cowgirl’s spicy smoked brisket hash has potatoes and bacon and is
topped with two poached organic eggs, Hollandaise sauce and flour tortillas". So, pretty fancy. What I've been making at home is much less fancy, but fully 75% as tasty. So here's my recipe:

Order some BBQ for dinner and order a little too much—a full slab is almost always cheaper than twice a half slab. Saturday night we got Bar-B-Que Bob's delivered and got pork ribs, beef ribs, and a free small rib tips with a coupon. So we had almost all the beef ribs left over, and plenty of fries. In the morning, cut the meat off the bone and cut into bite-size pieces. Cut the left over fries into thirds or so. Heat up the meat and fries in a frying pan. When they're warm, throw in a couple eggs and scramble together. Serve.