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Tomefoolery is a podcast hosted by Chicago comedian (and Erica and my friend) Cody Melcher. Cody has other comedians on to talk about weird books. Cody casts his net wide and “weird” encompasses a lot of different sorts of books. For example, my friend Dave Stinton read the 1910 story The Wendigo, Dan Telfer dove into HP Lovecraft, and Jen and Erica discussed Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s book Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives. For months I’ve been asking Cody if I could come on the show. He finally assented and asked me and Steve Gadlin to come on the show together. And what did he ask us to read?

Hedging His Bets (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance)

Oh my.

Our episode is out today (happy birthday, me!) and is VERY Not-Safe-For-Work:

‘Hedging His Bets’ w/ Steve Gadlin & Fuzzy Gerdes

Some show notes: