What's on your Treo 600, Fuzzy?

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Sean Bonner asks what software he should be looking for the Treo 650 he (whistle, look at feet) might get for his birthday. I'll answer here with a list of what I have on my Treo 600:

AA Flights -- American Airlines is my company's standard airline, so I figured it'd be useful to have the timetables with me. Hasn't been useful yet, but you never know. (And I know it'll be even less useful to Sean.)

AIM -- it's nowhere near as nice as the AIM client on the Sidekick, but you can download a Palm version of AIM from AOL.uk

BackupBuddyVFS -- I was religiously syncing my Palm everyday, and then it died and lost all its data while I was on the road and so I couldn't restore for days until I got home. So I got BackupBuddyVFS Pro and the Palm auto-backs up every night at midnight to the SD card.

Bejeweled! and Bookworm -- hours of fun

Blocks -- Tetris for Erica.

-- you know, I never really got into this game, but I keep reinstalling it on every Palm I get.

FileZ -- for moving files to and from the SD memory card.

Galax -- I love me some Galaxian.

Kinoma -- a video player. The Pro version of the player plays mp4 files.

Klondike -- I'm pretty sure this came free with the Treo. I think it's a law that all platforms ship with a free version of Solitare.

MetrO -- a free, extensible public transport guide.

MovieRecorder & SoundRecorder -- I've never really used them. But I might!

mp3ringer -- because it is VERY important that I have Banana Phone as my ringtone. (I think I read that the 650 will have mp3 ringtone functionality built-in.)

NesEm & Phoinix -- I installed these, but I never really use them since I carry my GBA everywhere anyway.

PalmaSutra -- a naughty classic.

PocketTunes -- I mainly got this to make mp3 ringtones work, because I have an iPod.

pssh -- so I can SSH into fuzzyco.com to read my mail in PINE.

Qset -- to adjust the compression quality of jpegs produced by the built-in camera.

SFCave -- the world's simplest action game.

SnapperMail -- I only bought SnapperMail because the built-in Treo Mail app doesn't let you send an email without checking your email. I check with pssh, when I want to send an email I just want to quickly SEND it. I bought the Enterprise version because it does IMAP under the (see AA Flights, above) just-on-case theory.

Spaceward Ho! -- I used to play Spaceward Ho! for hours and hours and hours on my old Mac SE and IIsi -- often both, because it was the first multi-player game I ever played.

Strip -- to hold my passwords.

Vagablog -- promises to be a mobile blogging solution. I haven't gotten it to work yet.

VeriChat -- I'd probably use this if I used more than just AIM. But I don't. I should probably free up the space and delete it.

Web (Blazer 3.0) -- I just use the built-in browser and it's pretty OK.

I don't use Hand/RSS, because I just browse to Bloglines and they have a mobile-optimized version.

I got a 512 MB SD card for cheap with a rebate and it holds my backups and some time-shifted sitcoms for watching with Kinoma. And the combo USB cable/charger is much nicer to carry on the road than the cable with the wall wart.

In course of looking for the URLs for these products, I found a couple of other "what's on my Treo" lists and I'll probably be adding some of their listed apps soon.